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Private companies are often faced with the realization that some of their initiatives have underperformed or their need for capital has changed. Additionally, owners may want to improve their liquidity position and begin to exit the company through a controlled process with optimal results.

Through a comprehensive network of public and private buyers, CEP is strategically positioned to confidentially initiate discussions with motivated buy-side industry participants into looking at potential transactions. We utilize the following approach to maximizing the value of your company through a sale, divestiture, recapitalization or management buyout.

  • Analysis of Strategic Alternatives: A review of strategic alternatives is utilized to ensure that our clients are presented the most likely and realistic scenarios so that informed decisions are made to maximize satisfaction with the outcome of the transaction.

  • Marketing Plan: Through a series of interviews, clients outline their objectives, expectations and motivation for a transaction so that we can compile a list of acceptable potential buyer-candidates. CEP maintains a database of potential target buyers and top decision-makers at these institutions, allowing us to make inquiries regarding potential transactions.

  • Pre-market Due Diligence: CEP’s professionals will provide a thorough analysis of all facets of operations, business strategy and synergistic opportunities. This allows us to become familiar with the intricacies of each client's operations, to gather the necessary materials to market the Company properly and identify any potential transaction issues.

  • Offering Material Preparation: CEP will prepare a detailed offering document, highlighting each client’s individual strengths as well as additional synergistic opportunities that a buyer may realize. This document is then carefully marketed to our pre-approved list of buyer-candidates.

  • Post-bid Due Diligence: CEP advises client's in preparation for interested parties to visit on-site and examine the operations of their business. This includes the preparation of a management overview presentation, organizing of all relevant documents and assistance with meetings of management with the buyer’s due diligence team.

  • Negotiations and Closing: CEP’s principals have extensive experience negotiating purchase and sale agreements and are proficient at structuring mutually acceptable terms to successfully complete the transaction. The prime objective is to maximize our client's value and to create a deal structure that suits their corporate objectives and exit strategy.

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